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Los Carneros Pinot Noir is unique because depending on the producer the wines can achieve full ripeness and be soft and fruit driven or can provide compelling, Old World-like acidity, lending themselves to a wide variety of pairings, including those with pork, duck or mushrooms.
Dustin Culter
Beverage Directior, Post 390 Restaurant, Boston, MA
NAPA Magazine issue 10
In my experience, one of the best older-vintage Napa Valley wines is the Silver Oak 1982. It expresses an exceptional impression, elegant with lots of layers and a well-balanced dry fruit character and mushroom earthiness. The flavors of this wine are on par with renowned Old World wines.
Cherish Ho
Head Sommelier, Petrus, Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong
In a restaurant that’s tasting menu-focused, Los Carneros Pinot Noirs have the versatility to stand up to the entire experience. From their bright and fresh nature, to their seductively toned fruit and savory nuances, these Pinots fit the bill for guests looking for a wine to take them through their multicourse meal.
Ryan Nevitt
Sommelier and Manager, George Restaurant, Caledona, Canada
NAPA Magazine issue 10


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