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Ca' Momi

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Ca' Momi


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About Us

Ca’ Momi [Kah-Moh-Mee] (translation: “House of Momi” in Italian)

The name Ca’ Momi (House of Momi) honors our roots. Our property in Veneto, Italy once belonged to Momi dea Bionda, a hardworking farmer who became a local legend for his obsessive devotion to his family, farm and vineyards and for the rifle he would easily fire to defend them. To this day the house is still known as the house of Momi, and his spirit still fiercely protects it.

We share Momi’s values of authenticity, passion, loyalty, dedication and obsession with quality. It is why we chose to pay homage to his legacy in the name of our Napa Valley winery. We proudly share our Italian heritage, and strive each day to honor these values within ourselves, in how we do business and how we make wine.

Our Makers' Story


Dario De Conti

— I enrolled in winemaking school when I was 14, and I’ve been learning ever since.



Ca' Momi

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Ca' Momi-Ca' Momi

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Winery Features

Tasting Experience

Ca’ Momi, an authentic Italian pizzeria and wine bar located in the Oxbow Public Market in Napa, has announced some exciting new additions and enhancements to its restaurant.

The Enoteca, known for offering authentic Italian cuisine such as tramezzini, crostate, crostatine di frutta and baci di dama, has added a variety of Italian breakfasts to its menu. Cornetto de cioccolata (chocolate croissants), cappuccinos, and other espresso drinks are now available for breakfast everyday starting at 7:30 am. In addition, full service lunch and dinner options are now available.

“These additions to the menu help us be able to truly showcase the best of Italy, and we’re very excited to offer this dining experience to our patrons,” says Dario De Conti, Co-Owner of Ca’Momi. “Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, we want Ca’Momi to be the place in Napa where people come to experience a little bit of Italy.”

Ca’ Momi’s motto is “obsessively authentic Italian food”, and the Enoteca has demonstrated its commitment to this notion by receiving its certification from the Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN) Association. This Italian governmental designation verifies that Ca’Momi has met the strict requirements and mastered the art of Neapolitan pizza making. Ca’ Momi prepares their pizza in an authentic brick oven, and uses only the freshest and organic ingredients.

The Terrazza is now officially open for Patio Dining, making the restaurant a prime spot in Napa for outside dining. In addition to a wide selection of thin-crust Italian pizzas, Ca’Momi diners have their choice of a glass of Ca’Momi wines, or other wines from smaller regions and producers in Italy.


In-house chef,

Valentina Guolo

Authentic neapolitan pizza and Italian regional pastries



Reservations: 707-224-6664
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  • Sustainable practices
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