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Napa Valley Wine

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why wine?

Napa Valley Wine

The "Why Wine" Project

We want to know your "Why Wine" story.

Share your "Why Wine" story and be entered to win a signed copy of Karen MacNeil's "The Wine Bible."

Why wine?

It's a simple question for which everyone will have their own answer. For some, it's a connection to nature. For others, it's becoming part of the expression of that moment in time. And for others, an excuse to have friends over.

For centuries, people around the world have transformed grapes into wine. This transformative action can be as simple or as complicated as the person making the wine wants to make it, but the end product is the same: a moment, an area, an idea, captured in a bottle. Our connection to nature, to the world, to our neighbors have been founded and strengthened by the time we take with the things that matter: food, wine, stories.

We want to hear your story:

What is it about wine? Why do people care about it? The honest answer is that it's different for everyone. That's why we want to hear all the "why wine" stories. You can join the sharing by making a video of why you got into wine. Why does wine matter to you? What is it about wine that you like? What is it about wine that pulls you in?


  • Step 1: Make a quick video sharing your #WhyWine story. Feel free to download the "Why Wine?" logo below to add to your video
  • Step 2: Share the video in Social Media using the hashtag #WhyWine and tag @NapaVintners

On August 9th, we'll pick 3 winners at random from the videos posted to receive signed copies of Karen MacNeil's The Wine Bible!





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